One fictional biography depicted from birth to death, based on the lives and memories of four women of different age. Each year in the film is reduced to three sentences, a list that runs from 0 to 99. This narration is illustrated via a collection of images created in a variety of cinematographic styles and media: archive footage, home video, still photography, animation, film noir-styled scenes and performance documentation.

Credit list

  • Directing & script: Marja Viitahuhta (formerly Marja Mikkonen)
  • Cinematography: Sini Liimatainen
  • Editing: Azar Saiyar
  • Assistant editing: Joonas Kiviharju
  • Animation: Veera Luhtala, Sakari Luhtala
  • Sound Design: Jussi Vuola
  • Additional imagery: Sakari Luhtala, Marja Viitahuhta, Olli Leppänen, Marjatta Hanhijoki, Maija Hirvanen, Mauri Hirvanen, Erja Luhtala, Sakari Luhtala, Veera Luhtala, Hannu Mikkonen, Paula Mikkonen, Hanna Oksanen, Ronja Oksanen, Ali Saiyar, Anja Saiyar, Azar Saiyar, Irma Truhponen, Teuvo Truhponen, Juha-Pekka Truhponen, Taneli Viitahuhta
  • Music: Antti Tolvi, Marja Viitahuhta, Jussi Vuola
  • Lights: Sakari Luhtala, Vitalius Kiselijus
  • Actors: numerous (incl. Marja Viitahuhta, Martti Aartola, Annika Dahlsten, Maija Hirvanen, Pia Kalenius, Essi Kausalainen, Joonas Kiviharju, Aapo Korkeaoja, Sini Liimatainen, Sakari Luhtala, Hanna Oksanen, Ronja Oksanen, Santos Parrilla, Sofia Parrilla, Suvi Parrilla, Anja Saiyar, Azar Saiyar, Irma Truhponen, Teuvo Truhponen, Tuomo Truhponen, Lahja Tuominen, Vilho Tuominen, Taneli Viitahuhta, Lars Wingård, Topi Äikäs)
  • Production: Marja Viitahuhta and Sini Liimatainen / Turku University of Applied Sciences Arts Academy
  • Distribution support: Finnish Film Foundation SES

99 Years of My Life was a graduation film of both Viitahuhta and Liimatainen for the Turku Arts Academy in 2003.

International premiere:

  • the Cannes Film Festival in Cinefondation category in 2004

The film is in of the collections of:

  • MoMA (New York)
  • Kiasma Contemporary Museum of Art



99 Years of my Life is distributed by AV-arkki, where you can watch an excerpt of the work.