Marja Viitahuhta

(formerly Marja Mikkonen)

Contact: marjamikko(at)hotmail.com

Marja Viitahuhta is a visual artist and filmmaker originating from the north of Finland, settled in Helsinki. Her works range from films, performances and installations to photography and collage. She holds a BA degree in performance art from the Turku Polytechnic Arts Academy and an MFA degree from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts. She has been awarded internationally at Cannes (Cinéfondation), Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Mediawave and L’Alternativa film festivals. Her works have been screened and exhibited world-widely at film festivals, galleries and museums, including the Cannes Film Festival, MoMA and Kiasma Contemporary Museum of Art.

Viitahuhta’s recurring themes focus on perception and experience of female protagonists, mortality and existence, and overcoming trauma. Her works deconstruct individual identities, memories, or the idealised imagery of nations and landscapes. They often speak in an intimate and personal tone and utilize archive material, found imagery, autofictional technique as well as memories of her collaborators. The text and imagery are set in a dialogue in Viitahuhta’s experimental language.

Alongside working as an artist she has worked as an art teacher and lecturer. Currently she works as a part-time audio book reader. She has also been an active member of the running board of the artist-run Galleria Huuto since 2009 and organized and curated several group shows. She has also engaged in several collaborational projects, such as been a member of the theatre group Other Spaces as well as worked with sami musician Ánnámáret.

CV at request.