Single channel video installation on a wooden bed
Stereo sound from hidden loudspeakers
Year: 2017


Robert Bremer (1777-1844) was a Finnish miner, factory owner, alchemist and astronomer who predicted a deluge that would flood over the city of Turku in 1827. He had boats attached underneath the windows of his family members in case the water would start rising some night. However, since the deluge never came, he built a church in the village of Teijo to thank his God for being only an errant human being.

In “Bremer’s nightmare” there is an old wooden child’s bed tilted in a corner of a dark room. There is a video of blurry white waves of black sea water projected onto the bed and a saxophone sound that resembles a foghorn, coming from beneath or within the bed.

Bremer’s nightmare, installation visualisation

Credit list

Directed, written, filmed and edited by: Marja Viitahuhta
Music: Taneli Viitahuhta

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