Photo series of site-specific performances made for ANTI festival, 2005-2006


Chameleon, documentation photos, photo assistant: Mia Turunen


About the work

Chameleon is a work consisting of twelve photograph created for the ANTI 2005 festival. ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival is an international contemporary arts festival presenting site-specific works made for public space, held annually in Kuopio, a city in Eastern Finland. Each year the festival selects non-traditional public venues and sites for exhibiting the artworks.

I performed in each of the locations selected for the 2005 festival beforehand. I adjusted my body in relation to the site, both hiding it and showcasing it, creating miniature performative interventions to the space. I was performing  to the people present in the location at the time of the photo sessions as well as posing for the camera. The documentation images of each performance were on display in the venues throughout the festival, hidden as part of the interior of the site.

A year later a selection of the photos were produced into C-prints.

keilahallikuva Bowling ball, from series Chameleon, C-print, 2006

 Stairs, from series Chameleon, C-print, 2006