Chameleon is a series of site-specific mini performances in the twelve locations of the ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival held in 2005 in the city of Kuopio in Eastern Finland.

In each location, preselected by the festival, the body of the artist is situated within the site in a playful manner as if hidden, though simultaneously obviously visible, as part of the interior or as if belonging to that place: as a factory worker, a mannequine doll, a flower, a step of an overgrown outdoor staircase, a bowling ball,  a sunflower, a resident or a visitor of a crisis centre, a piece of merchandise of a world trade shop, a record cover, a piece of furniture of a radio station, a fish seller’s vendor box, a college student’s backpack or the dough in the carelian pie and  bakery.

Photos of these actions were taken with help from assistant photographer Mia Turunen. These images of each performance were then put on display in the venues they were made in, exhibited during the festival as part of the interior or surrounding of each location.