A screening with experimental film and video, 2013
Curated together with Anni Venäläinen

About the project
Cunning image aka Viekas Kuva was a screening presenting contemporary finnish experimental film and video. The works in the screening share a perspective of pensiveness and conceptuality. They investigate the borderlines in visual observations and cognition, as well as the borderline between still and moving image. They study the difference and connections between text and image. They invite the audience to be seducted by the sensuality and beauty of images. The absurdity and uncontrollability of dreams and delirium, the unstability of memories and the fragility of melancholia are allured into the open via subtle cinematic means.

Exhibited / screened at Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari Pikkujätkä and Artova Film Festival / AFF LABO

Participating artists and their works
Anssi Pulkkinen: The Sea (Three Borders), 2012, 4’22″
Jan Ijäs: Two Islands, 2013, 5’51’’
Sini Pelkki: Embarkation, 2012, 7’10”
Essi Kausalainen: Orchard, 2013, 1’50’’
Pasi Autio: Vieras askel (An Unusual Step), 2013, 7’41’’
Ewa Gorzna: Balancing forces, 2013, 9’06’’
Marja Viitahuhta: I don´t Remember This, 2012, 11’20″
Pasi Autio: Soft Heavenly Body, 2012, 2’36″
Eliisa Suvanto: Frozen embryo, 2011, 2’19’’
Tuukka Haapakorpi: Kuningattaren kuolema, 2011, 10’15″
Jan Ijäs: Solitude in the Year Zero, 2012, 3’36″
Mikko Kuorinki & Alexandr Skarlinski: Forever in a Circle, 2012, 2’32’’
Miia Rinne: Sea, 2012 –, 5’43’’
Thank you: AV-arkki

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