“When we pass from this world to another, the flames of our ancestors will be waiting for us.” – Ánnámáret.

This is a video work with the yoik Dolat by Ánnámáret, accompanied by Ilkka Heinonen (jouhikko) and Turkka Inkilä (electronics).

In the video, embers and fire particles twirl in the air, transforming and dancing and swirling in the dark. The imagery has been layered with effects and animation to create an illusion of reality transforming into dreamlike, imaginary visions, brought about with the song and the hypnotism of looking at the fire. Fire is at the root of human culture, as a tool, but also as a place for social gatherings and storytelling. The imagery of fireplaces and flames has also been used in multiple ways in videos, up to the point of becoming tacky decorations, possibly losing something in the translation of the so called ”natural” to the digital. This fine line between the two realms of artificial and genuine has been intruiged me whilst shooting the sparkles and imitating them with animation.

However, as well as speaking about people’s bond with fire (and the imagery of it), this yoik is also about lineage; of our temporal existence and belonging to a long line of our predecessors and our successors. The video, via its own means, attempts to visualize the yoik’s message and the qualities of the sounds of Heinonen’s jouhikko and Inkilä’s electronic music.

This work is part of a series of video works made in collaboration between Viitahuhta, Ánnámáret, Heinonen and Inkilä.

Credit List

  • Directed, filmed and edited by: Marja Viitahuhta
  • Music performed and arranged by: Ánnámáret (vocals), Ilkka Heinonen (jouhikko), Turkka Inkilä (electronics)
  • Yoik composition and lyrics: Ánnámáret
  • Music produced by: Turkka Inkilä
  • Music mixed by: Kaj Mäki-Ullakko
  • Music mastered by: Jaakko Viitalähde
  • Music track from album: Ánnámáret: Nieguid duovdagat
  • Music published by: Uksi Productions
  • Video production: Ánnámáret
  • Thank you: Families and loved ones, Tomi Vartiainen, Saami council, Sámi Education Institute, Saami parliament of Finland
  • This work has been created with funding from: Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Alfred Kordelin Foundation
  • The video was partially created in the residency of Mustarinda

Dolat has been exhibited / screened in:

  • FAF – Fredrikstad Animation Festival, opening ceremony, 21.-24.2021
  • Niegut, Poriginal gallery, Pori, 28.1. – 14.2.2023
  • Vaft – Video Art Festival Turku, 19.-22.5.2022
  • Nordisk Panorama, Malmö, 22.-27.9.2022


A preview of Dolat can be watched at the archive of AV-Arkki or below via Ánnámáret’s youtube channel

Dolat can also be watched in its entirety (until end of 2024) via Yle Areena.


A review by Helsingin Sanomat