Site-specific sound installation, 2011
Alt_Cph11 Art Fair, Copenhagen

flood 2 doc stills

About the work
This is a reversed version of the idea in the work Flood, which created an illusion of the sea captured inside a church solely based on sound. In Alt_Cph11 I was given a small white movable room-like box to work with. I attached a water glass on a shelf inside it, placed non-see-through curtain material to the windows that let the light in and built an extra wall in the room behind which the sound source was hidden.

When the members of the audience stepped inside this little room, they left the noisy, echoing and cacophonic fair hall and entered a room with seemingly no sounds at all, just silence. This allowed another kind of a shifting illusionary experience to emerge: one could imagine that the sounds of the sea came either from outside of the box, from the fair hall (which one naturally knew to be impossible), or, one could imagine the sound source to be the visible object, i.e. the water glass, as if the sound of the sea was captured inside the glass.