A documentary music video filmed in the refugee camp of Boujdour in Algeria and in the village of Tifariti in Western Sahara.

The video is made in collaboration with saharawi refugees, who have been living in exile since 1975 since the moroccan and the mauritanian invasion of their land. The lyrics of the song, composed and sung by Khadijatu Larusi, speak of the importance of listening to women in the society. The improvisation of traditional saharawi dance of Tarba Baibu in the bottom of the dried-up river bed binds together the images of the everyday life of the sahrawi refugee camps. Baibu is also the other singer and tbal-drum player of the track.

This work was created entirely (composing, lyrics, arrangement, performing, recording, filming and partial editing) as part of my residency at Artifariti, an annual art and solidarity festival in Western Sahara and the saharawi refugee camps in Algeria, curated by algerian Walid Aidoud from Box 24 and the spanish SaharaSevilla -organization. Other musicians heard on the track are Nesrine Iwal and Fayssal Iwal (from the Algerian-Chaoui Music group Iwal) and Karim Ammi (an algerian radio host, DJ and musician) who took part in Artifariti on the same year.

Credit list

  • Camera, Edit, Directing, Production: Marja Viitahuhta
  • Script: Marja Viitahuhta, Khadijatu Larusi, Tarba Bibu
  • Performers: Khadijatu Larusi and Tarba Bibu
  • Dance: Tarba Bibu
  • Music composed by: Khadijatu Larusi
  • Lyrics by: Khadijatu Larusi
  • Music performed and arranged by: Khadijatu Larusi (vocals), Tarba Bibu (backing vocals, tbal), Fayçal Achoura (mandol), Nesrine Chimouni (backing vocals, shaker)
  • Music recorded and mixed by: Karim Ammi
  • Curators: Walid Aidoud / Box24, SaharaSevilla
  • Festival: Artifariti
  • Translator on site: Zarga Beirut
  • Lyrics translation: Saleh Elbachra
  • Thank you for assistance and appearing in the video: Sid Ahmed Smai, Nesrine Chimouni, Rafik Zaidi, Children and parents of elementary School of Boujdour Refugee Camp, Children and youth of Boujdour refugee camps and Tifariti village, House of Fatma members
  • Hosting and accommodation: House of Fatma, House of Siniya, House of Zarga Beirut, Artifariti
  • Thank you for assistance and organizing in Algeria and Western Sahara: Walid Aidoud, Liasaa Lebsir, Yasmine Ouali, Horma Haidar, Ahmed Merzagui, Ali Luchaa, Edi Escobar, Fernando Peraita, Horma Haidar
  • Also thank you: Sarah Benamar, Reda Sadik, Rafik Zaidi, Mohamed Zrug, Marta Gómez, Vicente Serret, Charo Escobar, Alonso Gil, Mohamed Lamin
  • Thank you for assistance and organizig in Finland: Menna Lehbib, Mohamed Sleiman Labat, Taneli Viitahuhta, Tytti Rantanen, Hannu Mikkonen
  • This work was made with funding from Arts Promotion Centre Finland and AVEK.


Lamara bennidal shamra is distributed by AV-Arkki.

It can also be watched below via Vimeo: