In Mánnu, the yoik by sami musician Ánnámáret according to her is about how the moon can take power over the viewer, putting them in danger and a state that cannot be escaped but must be confronted. On dark nights, one can imagine the Staalo, evil spirits in the indigenous sami mythology, walking in the northern forests -or wandering in the minds of people. The yoik is accompanied by the music of finnish musicians Ilkka Heinonen (jouhikko – finnish bowed lyre) and Turkka Inkilä (electronic music). The lyrics of the track simply translate as: ”Moon – I surrender”.

The video travels in both the inner worlds as well as real Sápmi landscapes, envisioned from both a human and a bird’s perspective. The work continues the long-standing collaboration between Viitahuhta, Ánnámáret, Heinonen and Inkilä and the series of video works created during that collaboration.

Credit List

  • Directed, filmed and edited by: Marja Viitahuhta
  • Music performed and arranged by: Ánnámáret (vocals), Ilkka Heinonen (jouhikko), Turkka Inkilä (electronics)
  • Yoik composition and lyrics: Ánnámáret
  • Music produced by: Turkka Inkilä
  • Music mixed by: Kaj Mäki-Ullakko
  • Music mastered by: Jaakko Viitalähde
  • Music track from album: Ánnámáret: Nieguid duovdagat
  • Music published by: Uksi Productions
  • Video production: Ánnámáret
  • Thank you: Families and loved ones, Tomi Vartiainen, Saami council, Sámi Education Institute, Saami parliament of Finland
  • This work has been created with funding from: Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Alfred Kordelin Foundation

Mánnu has been exhibited / screened in:

A preview of Mánnu can be watched at the archive of AV-Arkki or below via Vimeo